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Water Safety Matters for professionals

Aquatic Safety Qualifications

We deliver water safety training, qualifications and continuing professional development for people whose jobs entail keeping others safe near water.

Whether you’re an emergency services organisation or you run a water-based business, we can ensure you understand and manage risks and know what to do if something goes wrong.

All our training is based on ensuring you and your colleagues are proactive in their approach to water safety, but also includes how to be reactive in an emergency situation.

We work with you help you get the most out of your business.

The Level 1 Core Module

Aquatic Safety Principles, provides the underpinning knowledge for good water safety management practices and primary emergency rescue skills.

4 hours

Courses run at your place of work


Level 2 Module

Comprises of a suite of environment specific modules, including Beach, Inland Water and Flood (DEFRA compliant), that build on the foundations developed in Level 1. The modules focus upon environmental knowledge, activity hazards and the use of specialist equipment.

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Active Northumberland aspire to deliver the best Learn2Swim scheme. Louise came in and looked at our scheme from top to bottom.


She worked with our Swimming Instructors and offered us advice on how we could make improvements looking at it from a child's perspective. Louise not only offered us advise on how we could improve but also acknowledged some of the great work our instructors are doing.


We found the exercise really useful and we look forward to the continuing to work together.

Why Water Safety Matters

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