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Water Safety Matters for children

Water Safety Matters for children

Whatever the age or ability of the children you work with, we have a water safety programme for them.


The topics we explore include:

  • How to spot the Dangers

  • How to Float to live

  • How to call for help


Key stage 2 primary aged children

‘Can you Float in Water?’ - Arrange a visit to your school for a talk on water safety linked to the National Curriculum outcomes primary aged children are taught. Get in touch for further information.

Key stage 3 Secondary aged children

‘Knowing the risks’ – Arrange a visit to your school for a to the point talk on peer pressure and taking unnecessary risks. Workshop either as a bite sized assembly or more detailed year group lesson.

Children with SEND

‘Enjoy the water’ – Arrange a visit to your SEND School for a very specific workshop to suit the needs of a wide range of people with both physical and learning difficulties. If you are a parent, carer or teacher working with children with any special educational needs or physical disabilities I can use my extensive knowledge to tailor-make a training session just for you.


How it works

Contact Louise and talk through your school requirements. 

Costs are approximately £2 per child……imagine if £2 saved a child’s life?

Louise has a ‘can do’ professional attitude about her work and her extensive knowledge is excellent re water safety

How to Spot Dangers

Spotting the dangers means making safe decisions. Have you thought about the water temperature? What will you wear? How long will you be in the water? Have you got warm clothes, food and a drink for when you get out? Is there a tide, what lies under the water? These are all important questions to ask yourself. 

How to Float to Live

Floating is the most important life skill you can master when it comes to the water. You may choose to go into the water and it's colder than expected or worst case scenario find yourself in water unexpectedly. Float on your back, make a star shape, look up to the sky, relax and try to remain calm. It may take up to 90 seconds before you can control your breathing.

How to Call For Help

Call 999, if you are at the coast ask for the coastguard, if you are at an inland site ask for the fire and rescue service.

Why Water Safety Matters

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